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Kolga Low Background Lead Manufacturing

Kolga offers precision manufacturing of a variety of lead products our customer's specifications. Our current manufacturing processes include: Stamping, CNC Sawing, CNC Machining, Cutting, Lead Welding & Assembly, and Casting.

60lb inget
Low and Ultra-low Background Lead

Low background lead is available in: <35 Bq/kg, <30 Bq/kg, <25 Bq/kg.

Ultra-low background lead is available in: <15 Bq/kg, <10 Bq/kg, <5 Bq/kg.

Please contact us for availability.

Lead Brick

Kolga’s lead bricks are made from the highest quality lead are suitable for for many applications:

- Radiation Shielding
- Counterweights
- Ballast

Our lead bricks are available in both standard and custom sizes. Their design allows them to easily fit together with an overlap to prevent gaps in shielding.

50lb inget
26lb precision machined blocks
Lead Sheet/Lead Plate

Kolga’s lead sheet/plate is made from 99.9% pure lead which is melted, cast, then run through a high pressure rolling mill. Multiple passes under a tempered steel roller ensures consistent sheet/plate thickness (within +/_ .007 of requested thickness)

Custom sizes and thicknesses available for both lead sheets and lead plates. Lead plate thicknesses start at 3/16” up to 4”. Custom machined shapes are available in addition to squares and rectangles.


Kolga offers extruded lead products with shape, length, and width to customer specification. Our hydraulic pressure extrusion can produce lead extrusions from 1/4” to 4” in diameter. This allows Kolga to produce wire, bars, rods, and custom shapes all to customer specification.

Lead Castings

Kolga can manufacture lead castings in a wide variety of sizes from the smallest complex parts to mammoth counterweights to meet customer specifications.

32lb oversize, rough casted blocks
(2 1/8"x4 1/8"x8 1/8")

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